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Monday, January 9, 2012


17 Though the fig tree doesn’t bloom,
         and there’s no produce on the vine;
      though the olive crop withers,
         and the fields don’t provide food;
      though the sheep is cut off
      from the pen,
         and there is no cattle in the stalls;
18 I will rejoice in the LORD.
      I will rejoice in the God
      of my deliverance.
19 The LORD God is my strength.
      He will set my feet like the deer.
      He will let me walk upon the heights.-Hab. 3:17-19(CEB)
  God is always with those who belong to Him. He sees and knows all of your suffering and is providing for you in the midst of your trials. No matter what may be going on in your life ask Him for what you need and trust Him to pour out His blessings upon you. What is important is not the situation that you're in, but rather His presence with you. He loves you so much, and cares for you. He won't let you down!
  Remember though, that like Habakkuk you need to praise the Lord in the middle of the problems. Look around at the blessings He's given you, even if it seems hard, and thank Him for them all. And also thank Him for the things you've asked of Him. He will come through for you. It may seem really bad right now, but He will see you through! Rejoice!

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