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Saturday, April 12, 2014

What is it all about?

  Jesus is God incarnate. Only in Him do we meet and become one with God. Jesus is truth, Jesus is love, Jesus is light: all the things that God is. The point of scripture is to lead humans to Jesus so that they can become one with the only God. If you know Jesus you no longer need to search for truth, love, or light. Those things are found in Him, in God.
  Scripture is not to be our focus, He is. Scripture's job is to guide us to Him so that we can truly be made alive. It also 'keeps us in the lines' so to speak, regarding what is true.
  His Holy Spirit within us gives us life as well as leads and guides us. We are to be conduits for His love, light, and truth to all creation, letting Him both speak and act through us at all times. The more we do this the more we become like Jesus, and therefore more like God.

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